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Citicon (Hong Kong) Trading Ltd.

CITICON (Hong Kong) Trading Ltd predominantly provides Plastic Polymers and Chemical related products as well as services to targeted business environments in China, South East Asia and also recently in Europe and the Middle East.

CITICON purchases directly from the suppliers, then arrange the sales and distribution to our customers. This has resulted in the company generating a very significant increase in sales and growth over the last 20 years.

CITICON, through its associations, have professional representations in the Plastics and Chemical Industry as well as Commodity Trading in timber, coal, metals & mining minerals, in addition to mining and forestry projects.

CITICON is also a Distributor for SIDPEC (Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co, Egypt)

SIDPEC is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company established under Egyptian Investment Law on the 16th November 1997 and is considered as the first integral step in the Petrochemicals Industry and future in Egypt utilizing the latest available technology and designs in order to satisfy the Egyptian Environmental Regulations and Requirements.

The Trade Name of SIDPEC polymers is named EGYPTENE®  and their portfolio includes Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

EGYPTENE® with all its grades (HDPE and LLDPE) covers all the plastic applications for the Film industry, Blow moulding, Injection moulding, and Roto moulding.

EGYPTENE® with all its grades holds the following specialized certificates:


- Food Contact
- Conformity with the taint and odor.




                                                    Modern Vinyl Industries

Modern Vinyl Industries is a highly reputable PVC Compounding Manufacturer in the Philippines where they have pioneered the technology to actively manufacture Colour Master Batches, Filled Compounds and other Custom specified compounds to meet client requirements

Modern Vinyl Industries was founded in the 1985 initially producing 500 TPA, thereafter with further investment in machinery and equipment, complete with our experienced professional team and workforce, the production increased to 10,000 TPA.

Modern Vinyl Industries offers a wide range of PVC compounds and tailor made compounds for different industries to meet their distinct demands, specifications, and applications.




Filglen & Citicon Mining Corp.

Filglen & Citicon Mining (HK) Ltd.


FILGLEN have formed alliances with companies to strengthen our market presence. We are an international trading company where we mine, operate, develop, buy/sell, import/export, distribute minerals, ores and commodities that is in demand globally especially in the Asia Pacific region. 

FILGLEN has an advantage of geographical locations to link through our business network and long standing relationships with producers and suppliers with competitive pricing structures to our end users and buyers.


FILGLEN are constantly being sought after to act as an agent/representative to our buyers in the China and Asian markets who wish to seek our assistance in their procurement and sourcing needs. We also conduct due diligence on local and foreign companies on behalf of our counterparts.     


FILGLEN mine site is located in Sitio Caraghanan, Brgy. Diaz, Municipality of Tubajon, Province of Dinagat Islands, Philippines.







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